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C Pocket Plate
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C Pocket Plate
  • Water Proof
  • Moisture Proof
  • Sound Insulation
  • Seamless Joint
  • Earthquake Proof
  • UV Proof

We have a new series of creative products by C pocket plate. We supply a wide gamut of Flooring materials, Wall Panels and Roofing Panels, Multipurpose 3-layer plastic and metal plate, which are available in various sizes, thickness and dimensions. These are manufactured with high quality raw material ensuring superior performance of the plate. We can also produce the products as per the specifications detailed by our clients to suit the varied requirements.

We use C pocket plate products to construct or reconstruct the buildings, such as waterproofing indoor or outdoor wall, ceiling, floors and especially for bathroom. And we provide a series combination, you can DIY as well.

Based on the above characteristics, we can provide a wide range of innovative products including: -

1) The wall, floor, ceiling
Color up to 11 choices. You can design colorful, fantastic ideal home according to personal preferences,.

2) Shower room, SPA

Because of waterproof, leakproof and comfortable material, people are able to relax and remove tireness completely either by shower or bath.

3) Warning facilities
Dazzling palette (not like a brick wall as easily fade) can be used for the fence, giving the alert to ensure safety.

4) Electric rolling doors, windows
Not only quick and easy operation, but also give people security and privacy.

5) Vinyl doors, windows
Owing to the typhoon-resistant design, people is no longer afraid of storms. As long as you are at home, you can still enjoy the quiet life.

6)Comfort house
This can be described as the total combination of the above products. Homeowners enjoy the benefits of each product, leading to a good, relaxed and comfortable feeling.


"Group purchase is welcome ! 10% discount is allowed. For huge order quantity, price is negotiable !"
C Pocket plate color : including Black, Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Grey, White, Brown, Maple, Prairie Gold and Clay
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C Pocket plate various testing reports.
FunctionBase onCoefficient
Water Vapour Transmission ASTM E96 0.689 g/
Surface Resistivity ASTM D257 1.98 x 1015Ω
Surface Resistivity ASTM D257 3.55 x 1013Ω
Coefficient of Effective Thermal Conductivity ISO 22007 0.588 W/m. K
Ultraviolet(UV) ASTM G154 0.905
Noise Barrier ASTM E413 STM=30Db

Product nameMaterialThickness
RS1 Aluminum 0.2mm
RS2 Aluminum 0.3mm
RS3 Steel 0.6mm
RS4 Aluminum 0.6mm
RS5 Steel 0.4mm
RS1-17 Aluminum 0.15mm
RS1-19 Aluminum 0.15mm
Flat-21 Aluminum 0.15mm
Flat-21 Aluminum 0.6mm
Flat-35 Aluminum 0.15mm
Length: as requirements

We have c pocket plate-RD series,RD2,RD3,RD4,RD5, and more types plate to complete with the best appearance and functional garage door, store door and front door. With the motor and accessories can be operated by automatic or power alone as well..

Product name    MaterialThickness
RD2 Aluminum 0.3mm
RD3 Steel 0.6mm
RD4 Aluminum 0.6mm
RD5 Steel 0.4mm
MB1 Aluminum 0.2mm
MB1-1 Aluminum 0.3mm
Length : as requirements

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