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OEM Capacity

DC 2011


    QualityEmphasis on customer value

    • DC2011 expands beyond our TS16949, ISO and QS requirements to evaluate final deliverables.  Our products must meet or exceed your specifications or we will work expeditiously to reach that goal.

  • Quality system in place since 1985

    • Our system continues evolving to successfully meet the changing market needs for the last 21 years.

  • Long-term commitment to quality

    • From Quality Assurance to Quality Management to Quality Inspection, we guarantee every product stamped with Direct Connection seal adheres to your specifications.

DC2011 > TS16949+ISO + QS requirements


Design and Development

  • Market trends push for closer integration and relationship

    • Automakers shifting design responsibilities to suppliers

    • Shorter lead times from design to production

    • Collaboration reduces significant R&D

  • Partnership in R&D, design, and cost-effective supply chain vital for market competitiveness

    • Expertise and experience serving PPG(PGW) needs for over 25 years

    • Working directly with PPG(PGW) development teams yields mutual benefits for increased services and products

  • Expanding our PPG(PGW) networks deliver value-added growth

    • Meet with PPG(PGW) program managers and engineering designers inTroy

    • Meet with local PPG(PGW) plant engineers and directors throughout US,CanadaandMexicoand review part needs

    • Communicate findings and updates with program teams


  • Drive volume and share expansion

    • Economies of scale dictates volume growth to capture future cost savings

    • Value enhances with greater share of PPG(PGW) parts

  • Supply OEM production Partnership

    • TS16949,QS9000 and ISO9002 certifications complement our high quality standards

    • Current ARG offerings qualify as OEM quality source

    • Example: DW01377 and DB09821, Chevrolet Impala

    • New 8th generation mold design

    • Tooling and development absorbed up front

    • Value expands into untapped PPG OEM opportunities

  • Develop new OEM and ARG parts

    • New windshield and Backlite frames, lace, and molding

    • New parts (mirror buttons, sashes, etc.)

    • Value built-in throughout supply chain

  • 90328 Building Material

    • RS1-19 Posilock Panel for wall, roof, floor, ceiling, especially for whole shower room

    • Cooler and new rug made out from RS1-19 as well.


Contact Detail

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